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Intern Insights: Week 2

JeffDesign kicked off its second week with a trip to the Capitol Hill Maker Faire in Washington DC! Our interns spoke with designers, 3-D printing teams and other creative builders from all around the country, forging new partnerships and drawing inspiration from the myriad creations, booths, service projects and wonderful individuals we encountered. The following day, all interns visited the MacPhearson Library in Kensington, which hosts an afterschool program for youth in the surrounding neighborhood. We toured the library’s basement, which was a maker’s space in every sense of the word, filled with cardboard houses, art, MacGyvered-together exercise equipment, circuit boards, a homemade hydroponics system, and greenhouse, among many other things. We saw firsthand how the library provides a safe and intellectually stimulating environment for these kids, and although we had yet to meet most of them, we could already sense their creative passion through the contraptions, constructs and colorful crafts they left behind. McPhearson library will serve as the first point of contact between our CoLab project and members of the Kensington community. The CoLab project will enrich existing community events in North Philadelphia by providing a customized Airstream trailer. Both the trailer and the activities conducted through it will be designed and staffed by JeffDesign interns, and specific to the needs of each neighborhood we visit. Later that day, Dr. Priya Mammen paid us a visit in the design vault to discuss the social determinants of health, the opioid epidemic, and her own experiences with medicine in underserved communities. We would like to extend her our wholehearted thanks for taking the time to speak with us and better inform our own community outreach efforts. Somewhere along the way, we also managed to get some 3D modeling and printing time in, making headway on producing a 3D visualization of fibroids in a patient’s uterus. The model will guide surgeons in avoiding the highly vascular fibroid tissue when performing a C-section, preventing life-threatening bleeding. Stay tuned for more awesome JeffDesign 3D prints as we have many exciting projects underway this summer. At the end of the week, and after many logistical hurdles, the Airstream was finally delivered to its storage location in North Philadelphia!