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Intern Insights: Week 3

JeffDesign had a great third week! The interns collaborated with community leaders from Kensington and made significant progress in developing the CoLab programming. They first met with the maker lab directors at McPherson Library and got to know the young inventors by assisting them with their projects. This helped the interns discover what kinds of activities the children enjoyed and allowed them to get a feel for the community they would be working with.

After visiting McPherson, the interns met with Andrew Goodman from the NKCDC to discuss how CoLab could best integrate with the Kensington residents and how it could help with big events like the Kensington Family Empowerment BBQ. Zoe Van Orsdol from Impact Services also came by to teach the interns about trauma informed care and discuss how they should manage stressful situations. CoLab’s first event is less than a week away so all of our interns and community leaders are excited!

On the 3D printing side, Dr. Lim came to the lab to check on the progress of the fibroid project and discuss future aortic dissection and TAVR projects. He helped guide the interns through the anatomy of each imaging slice and answered all of their questions. Dr. Mackey and Dr. Baxter also met with the interns to discuss the fibroid case as well as future OB/GYN projects. Dr. Baxter even let some of them shadow the C-section he performed! 

While all of this was going on, the interns still found time to work on 3D printing the prizes and activities for their table at the Philadelphia Maker Faire. There will be puzzles, Virtual Reality, and architecture! They also finished making 3D models of the ortho fractures and sent them to the department for approval.

Check back next week for more exciting developments from the JeffDesign Lab!