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Intern Insights: Week 1

The first week of JeffDESIGN just concluded, and was full of new opportunities, and multiple valuable learning experiences. On the first day, everyone from the summer intern program and JeffSolves introduced themselves, and then the two groups split up after touring JeffDESIGN’s unique underground space. After lunch, the interns were introduced to the various projects taking place this summer. On Tuesday, the interns were tasked with cleaning up the space to prepare for the innovative 3D Printing Bootcamp held the next day. In the evening, all the interns and JeffDESIGN team attended an important CoLab Philadelphia meeting, where we met with professionals from all over the community to discuss the logistics and image of CoLab this summer. Great ideas were brought up and the meeting was a definite success. We were lucky enough to have Matthew Griffin from Ultimaker run the 3D Printing Bootcamp on Wednesday, where we had all the interns and a good amount of JeffSOLVES students attend. All in all, it was a huge success with everyone getting a chance to see how the printers worked, and everyone even getting a chance to print a small robot made from PLA. The week however was highlighted by the Health Design Bootcamp, held on Thursday and Friday, in which professionals from all over the country attended. The Bootcamp focused on solving healthcare problems through out of the box design thinking. Attendees were engaged in an immersive experience on how to apply design thinking in a healthcare context, facilitated by group activities, presentations, prototyping, testing, and various other forms of group work. The interns helped out on both days, helping facilitate the environment and doing a great job of tending to the needs of the professionals in the unique design-oriented workspace. Another huge success for the week. Next week, CoLab will kick off, and the interns will really jump into the various projects they have this summer. We are excited to announce that JeffDESIGN will have a presence at Washington D.C’s Capitol Hill Maker Faire on Tuesday, with some of the interns heading down and representing us during the National Week of Making.  

Noshin KhanComment