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Intern Insights: Week 6

This was our third week at McPherson with the CoLab trailer. Every week we tweak something, and slowly we are starting to see how CoLab can be most successful. We parked the trailer close to the kids playground and set up 2 large tents nearby. Kids came up to the trailer for lemonade and markers. We asked them to write how they were feeling. A popular response was, “hot,” but others ranged from goofy to introspective, and surprisingly mature. Parents hung out under the tents, slightly more removed from the trailer. We gave out recipes, written on airstream-shaped handouts, a better idea in theory than in practice. Copies in Spanish, and a recipe more akin to Puerto Rican cuisine might have made our attempt more effective. Next week we will try out something else!

The week ended with a fun and productive block party and design Charrette at KieranTimberlake (KT), an architecture firm. We parked the airstream outside of their shop, made lemonade as usual and played a “good vibes” playlist. We set up 2 tents, extending the exterior space of the trailer. We sat there for a couple of hours talking about what works so far, what doesn’t, and what our hopes are for the final version of the trailer. KT is designing the airstream trailer for CoLAB, and wanted feedback on our activations so far. After lots of creative back and forths, we had snacks and beers to close off the week. 

We are now looking forward to the design workshop on death and dying we are hosting next Thursday in the vault!