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Intern Insights: Week 4

Week 4 was our busiest week yet, with many firsts for the Health Design team!

In an effort to quickly test-run some ideas for future collaborations and projects, we started working with Man Made Music and IdeaBroker to put together single-day workshops exploring questions ranging from “How might we humanize healthcare through sound?” to “How might we culturally reframe death and dying?”.

In a miraculous last-minute discovery, some of our interns managed to attend the last Death Café of the summer, where they had a chance to have very open conversations about death in a forum that has been widely popular all over the world. High on inspiration, the team started planning the workshop, which is slated for July 19 th at the Vault.

At the same time, some of the other interns were working hard to put together the Sonic Humanism workshop. Joel Beckerman, CEO of Man Made Music, made the trip down to our lab to talk about the possibilities of using sound to augment the hospital experience. Many hilarious and inspirational moments later, we had come up with a wide array of ideas ranging from super high-tech headsets to sound-proof smart curtains.

As for CoLab, we had our first activation coming up fast on June 30th for a Family Empowerment BBQ in Trenton-Auburn Playground. Two whole dry-runs later, we were finally ready to bring our trailer out and show the world what we’re all about! The event was fantastic for our first time, with almost everyone stopping buy for some cool lemonade and some sunscreen on a hot summer day. The kids loved our blackboard mural on the side of the trailer, and the adults really enjoyed the tent that we set up for some much-needed shade.

Our 3D-printing team made an internal breakthrough, learning to use to full capability of the software we use for preparing our models. We are confident this will increase efficiency and produce higher-quality prints in the future. In the meanwhile, we are almost ready to print the final version of the fibroid-uterus model to help our OB-GYN surgeon plan the upcoming procedure.