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Intern Insights: Week 8

This week at the Health Design Lab, we had a lot of meetings about the future of CoLab. After our fourth activation on Tuesday, we were starting to notice patterns in what residents respond to the best. This week’s activation extended the shaded area to be an extension of service window when it is open. We had our best turn-out yet and was able to interact with a lot of the residents who came by the playground area of McPherson Square Park. This activation, we introduced blood pressure screenings again and teamed up with PlayCaptains to entertain the kids in the area as we tried to interact with more adults. While it was raining hard at times and overall drizzling during our afternoon at McPherson, the promise of shelter from the rain by the tents was promising. 

During our activation on Tuesday, we visited the Storefront in Kensington to see their Tea and Textile program. It was refreshing to see adults making crafts and conversing casually. 

We are in the process of preparing the Airstream to be used by other organizations this following weekend: NKCDC is planning to use the Airstream to help visualize data that they collected in a community survey last year & PIDC will use the Airstream to help showcase some of their completed projects and renderings of future projects. This will help us see how the airstream can be used by various companies, organizations and groups for flexible uses. 

On Friday, we had a meeting with Cohere, the branding agency that is helping us market the CoLab idea for the future. Overall, we were able to lay out some concrete ideas for the tagline of the CoLab title and the overall look of any CoLab promotion materials. 

As for next week, we hope to go into full production mode for the upcoming weekend’s activations. We are wrapping up our third to last week here at the Health Design Lab, and cannot believe how fast this summer has passed! 

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