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Intern Insights: Week 10

Last week of our internship! This week was one of the most notable and successful in many different ways. Monday’s weekly meeting involved wrapping up the rest of the logistics for the summer and hashing out the concrete things we would be leaving behind after we finished the internship. We also completed a great game of Rob Bingo, which was followed after the successful game of Bon Bingo played a couple weeks ago.

Our final CoLab activation at McPherson was the most engaging and successful! While Saturday’s NKCDC data visualization was super productive, this event had an overwhelming number of engagers. We merely changed the location of the trailer to be set up in front of the library steps and Kensington Avenue and saw a huge difference in the demographics of the audience we were interacting with. Kids were no longer the primary focus, and instead, we had mainly adults and users. It was certainly an eye-opening experience. 

On Wednesday, we worked on making presentations and PDF handouts of the Health Design Lab, the CoLab trailer project and the data collected from this summer. Then, on Thursday, we presented these visualizations to our partners at Kieran Timberlake at our last design charrette. After our very successful meeting, we cleaned out the rental Airstream trailer for this summer to return back to the owner. 

Finally, on Friday, we said our goodbyes and reminisced over great times this summer at lunch at Sancho Pistola’s in Fishtown and Weckerly’s Ice Cream shop! We were joined by the whole team, including the Jefferson Medical students who were interns this summer. Thanks for a great summer JeffDESIGN! 

Noshin KhanComment