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Summer Summary: Week 2

During this second week, our HDL interns were met with many surprises and adventures! To start it off on Monday, some Princeton interns from the Tiger Challenge initiative visited the Princeton campus for their program’s orientation. During this time, the other interns worked with community partners Esperanza and Sunday Suppers to discuss the tasks and expectations for our collaboration. This summer, Esperanza and Sunday Suppers are working together to pilot a 6-week health and nutrition program for families in Kensington. This program serves as an abbreviated version of Sunday Suppers’ regular 16-week cooking, nutrition, and health program; it utilizes Esperanza’s expertise on mental health, mindfulness, and physical fitness to generate a diverse set of lessons. After a collective brainstorm and vote, the 6-week program has been dubbed “Recipe for Health.”

Next, on Tuesday, our interns participated in a Design Thinking Workshop, organized by Accenture, on ways to navigate access to nutrition and health in the Kensington community. For most of our interns, it was their first experience with a Design Thinking Workshop! Ultimately, it was found to be a productive technique to restructure the ways in which we think about our projects and goals for the summer. The workshop was also very helpful for the following day’s surprise- our interns led their own Design Thinking Workshop for distinctive guest participants: the Admissions Committee from the medical school here at Jefferson!

Wednesday’s workshop turned out to be a success; each of the groups posed important questions and offered great ideas on how to improve interview day for admission to the medical school. Additionally, on Tuesday and Wednesday, our interns helped out with the 15th week of the Sunday Suppers program, which featured empanadas and an orange-onion salad!

 The next day, we worked to develop the curriculum for Recipe for Health, and finalize our prototype of the CoLab airstream trailer. On Friday morning, we all met in Kensington, divided into groups, and headed to different streets to conduct mapping in the area. After a group intern lunch, we presented our prototype at architecture firm KieranTimberlake for feedback on our ideas. Overall, it was a helpful and inspiring cap to a dynamic week!

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Intern Lunch

Lunch before heading to KT


Meeting at KT