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Summer Projects: smarterPLAY

As summer begins in our new Vault, we greet a new crop of interns and a new set of projects. One of these projects is smarterPlay, a study that aims at analyzing the use of children's playgrounds in order to help design playgrounds that promote health and physical activity. With Philadelphia being one of the country’s most unhealthy cities, and with a childhood obesity rate of 50%, promoting children’s health through play will be very important down the line. For the doctors in the ER and the rest of the hospital as well, having a generally healthier population overall would mean fewer complications when people do get sick. We partnered with Studio Ludo, an non-profit organization that studies children’s play in America, in order to assess some of the playgrounds in the city. With Philly’s Rebuild project, in which over half a billion dollars has been allocated to renovate playgrounds across the city, we had plenty of choices as to how and where we could do our research.

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