JeffSolves 2017

Team 1 - Tackling Pressure Ulcers

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The Pressure Ulcer team is one of two teams in a Thomas Jefferson University design program called JeffSolves. They are made up of four members. One industrial deign student from Philadelphia University, Adam Hecht, and three rising second year medical students from Thomas Jefferson University Sydney Kimmel Medical College, Daniel Choi, Mark Keroles, and Vinayak Rajendran. At the start of the program in January 2017, the team spent weeks speaking with healthcare professionals and administrators to find out what healthcare related problems were in need of solutions. Among the many healthcare problems they learned about, hospital acquired pressure ulcers stood out because of their high morbidity and cost. The Pressure Ulcer team spent the remainder of the 2017 academic year researching all aspects of pressure ulcers; eventually focusing on both the biomechanical factors and hospital workflow causes of pressure ulcers. The Pressure Ulcer team then did a six-week intensive immersive residency with a product development company called 10xBeta in Brooklyn, New York. During the residency the Pressure Ulcer team developed a retrofittable bed-mounted system that uses low cost sensors to detect patient position in bed and assess the need for a healthcare professional to turn a patient. This system utilizes intuitive notification and information delivery methods to streamline healthcare professionals pressure ulcer prevention workflows and involve patients’ families in the prevention processes. The Pressure Ulcer team continues to develop this pressure ulcer prevention product and is currently filling for patents.

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