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Lo-Fi Prototyping


Suggested Prototyping Supplies

Hopefully, this list will help you get started with building your own mobile health design thinking kit or prototyping cart! Have fun and think with your hands!


The ultimate mobile prototyping cart

These either come in a set with bins, or you can customize your bin selection like we did. We use clear bins because it makes finding supplies a little bit easier.

Standard mobile cart:


These restocking carts make for a more compact alternative:

Your gonna want a label maker:

Here is an Amazon list with all of the basic supplies you would need…

White Boards

Dry erase partitions. These dry erase boards also help you partition a space into smaller areas for team based work:

Z-racks. These famous racks are great because they stack compact. The uses these to build white boards that can stack together. Finding the right white-board panel can be challenging and shower panels don’t last for long:

Self-stick dry erase covering. Make anything a white board: